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From data backups and storage to helpdesk queries, Ayone provides a full suite of IT support and services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our highly trained, qualified team of IT technicians has decades of experience working with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in corporate environments.

Some of the IT services we provide:


IT Consultancy

Use us as your sounding board!

No matter what stage your business is at, having the right IT set up will impact how successfully you grow and evolve.

Our consulting team is highly trained and experienced in helping organisations of all sizes identify and implement the right IT strategy to meet their business objectives.

Areas we regularly consult on include:

  • Cloud software
  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Voice solutions

We are in constant contact with key partners, such as Microsoft, and regularly attend industry events and trade shows to ensure our clients have access to up-to-date advice.

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Outsourced IT Helpdesk

For fast, efficient service!

Got an IT challenge? Our friendly, expert helpdesk team is just a call away.

Ayone IT support technicians are highly trained, with many years spent in corporate IT environments and plenty of experience in helping small and medium businesses. Whether your query is straightforward or technical, we'll provide the right solution – fast.

Need us at your office? No problem. Our technicians are fully mobile and can be on-site at short notice.

Backup Solutions

Don't be caught without a backup!

What would happen if you lost all of your data today? The statistics are grim:

  • 75% of small and medium businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business (Applied Research)
  • 93% of companies that lost their data centre for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)

The solution? Managed backups

Get total peace-of-mind with Ayone managed backups

Our data experts will review and update your current backup system to ensure your files are reliably and securely backed up, 24/7.

Ayone managed backups:

  • Guarantee the safety of your data
  • Allow data to be restored fast, even to a dissimilar device
  • Enable you to restore a single file, or many
  • Let you backup more data in less time
  • Include proactive device monitoring and regular backup reports
  • Reduce data storage costs significantly.

Backups for non-critical servers

Ayone's sister company, NZ Backup, specialises in automated online backups. Your data will sit safely and securely in the cloud and can be recovered at any time, from any place.

Find out more about NZ Backup

Experienced a data loss?

Don't panic! We can help. The first step in dealing with data loss is always prevention. However, if you have experienced a data loss, our expert technicians can assist you.

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When you've got multiple users, and many different needs, it's important to have an IT provider that can provide consistent, professional service.

Ayone's managed IT services (see below) for SMEs will ensure you have the right IT systems in place to do business professionally, with minimal disruption. If an issue does arise, our highly-trained team of IT experts will resolve it quickly and professionally – remotely, or on-site if need be.

Managed IT Services

All the benefits of an outsourced IT service!

Need a full-time IT department, but don't want to pay for one?

Our managed IT services are just like having your own dedicated IT team. Friendly, expert IT support technicians get to know your business and your people so, when a technical issue arises, they're able to resolve it quickly and correctly.

When you sign up with a Service Contract, you'll receive a Service Level Agreement that outlines what you can expect from our team in terms of proactive IT management and responsive IT support.

Our Service Contracts typically include:

  • Proactive management of backups, antivirus and patching.
  • Planning and identification around future IT needs
  • Resolution of users computer issues.

Our approach is completely transparent, so your team will always understand how long an issue will take to resolve and why the proposed solution is being put in place.

Ad-Hoc IT Support

Need IT support, but don't want a contracted service solution? No problem. Our friendly, expert, professional team can provide ad hoc advice and support for a wide range of IT questions and issues.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Be ahead of the game!

Let's face it – IT systems might be critical to your business's future success but, unless you're a bit of a geek at heart, managing these proactively is a drag.

Here at Ayone, we love nothing better than a beautifully managed, immaculately maintained IT system. Choose us as your IT partner and we'll take care of your IT set up as if it was our own.

The proactive management solutions we offer include:

  • Antivirus: We'll ensure all of your devices are protected from viruses, spam, data theft and more. Our antivirus service includes 24/7 monitoring to ensure your business is protected at all times, no matter where your devices are located.
  • Patching and updates: Relying on your team to accept and install system updates is a huge risk to your business. We can fully manage all patching and updates, across every device in your business, to ensure that you have no vulnerabilities in your system.
  • Backups: Enjoy the total peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your systems and data are being regularly backed up and proactively monitored by a team of experts.
  • Server monitoring and maintenance: We'll ensure your IT network runs smoothly, 24/7. With constant monitoring and regular reporting, we'll ensure avoidable issues are prevented and unavoidable ones are handled before they become a problem.

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Procurement - What do I need?

Let us take the hard work out of making the right decisions about your IT set up.


What's the best brands to purchase!

From servers to PCs, laptops to routers – we can provide a wide range of IT equipment.

Before we recommend any hardware, we’ll first seek to understand your requirements, budget and wider IT systems. That way we can be confident that the equipment we recommend will meet your needs and best support your team as they work.

Need help with IT hardware? Get in touch.


What are the best options for my business?

Having the right software will enable your team to work more productively, and ensure your wider IT system is optimised.

Ayone has tested hundreds of different software solutions, and we have a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits that each one offers.

We work closely with a range of software vendors and regularly attend industry events and tradeshows to ensure we stay informed about the latest software innovations available.

When it comes to cloud, or internet-based, software, our team has expert knowledge and practical experience in implementing cloud solutions for our clients.

Wondering which software solution is right for your business? Ask our advice.

Get a free IT health check


We’ll review your computer network, hardware, security and backup procedures, and provide you with our recommendations to address any risks you face.

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