October Offer: Free 2 month trial of NZ Backup

Try NZ Backup for 2 months – for free – and enjoy peace of mind.

NZ Backup is an online backup service that provides peace of mind for business owners. With its powerful functionality, automated scheduling and ease of use, NZ Backup is the easiest way to manage your office backup.

Why use NZ Backup?

  • Backup data is stored locally and on the cloud.
  • Restore backups anytime, anywhere there is internet connection
  • Set an automatic backup every day, or use Continuous Data Protection where backup is run every time a file is changed or added.
  • Encrypted data protects your backup
  • Data is compressed for easy upload to the cloud

TRY IT FOR FREE.  Ayone is offering a free, 2 month 50GB trial of NZ Backup.  See how easy it is to keep your data safe.