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Secure your business internet and phone lines with VoIP and internet connections with Ayone to ensure you have peace of mind with reliable and secure connectivity. 

We've been providing business internet and phone line connections since 2010, We are a Spark Wholesale provider who we prefer for our quality connections. Our friendly customer service team makes dealing with us quick, pleasant and easy. Get in touch for us to help find a solution right for you.


VoIP or Analogue what's the best for our business?

Ready to move VoIP, Unified Communications, keep you old PABX? We can help.

Cloud-based PABX systems provide a cheaper alternative to traditional onsite PABX, and are just as reliable. They are also feature-packed, with many more bells and whistles than traditional PABX. We host 3CX and Broadsoft PABX’s and can get you to switch to a new system with little upfront cost and PABX and equipment are on a monthly payment.

We also have secure WAN infrastructure if you want your own private hosted PABX and server hosting platforms, so talk to us about your requirements today.

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Business Internet

Super secure solutions!

Worried about internet security and reliability?

Ayone provides standard Fibre, Secure Fibre and WAN connections for business through our sister company LoudnClear. Switch your landline and internet connections to us and we’ll help you improve your business internet and security with private IP VPN Internet to fully redundant Cloud Fortinet firewall.

In event of an internet outage, we can have you back up and running fast with a temporary loan 4G wireless modem. If your internet connection is critical to your business operations, we’ll work with you to put in place a failsafe plan, using automated 4G or VDSL internet connection

Ready to switch? It’s easy! Simply sign up and we'll take care of the rest, with no interruption to your internet connection. Get in touch.

Phone Lines and VoIP

Significantly cheaper and more reliable!

Ayone offers reliable, cost-effective telecommunications solutions for businesses of all sizes.

VoIP and unified Communications is now becoming standard for telephone service. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper and switching to a Cloud-based PABX allows companies much greater freedom on how and where they work when utilising. UnifiedCommunication soft clients on mobile devices and laptop bringing remote worker closer to the office.

We use a range of uplink providers and are a Spark Wholesale reseller as well and have out own redundant PABX’s located in separate datacentre’s with private secure connections from your office to the PABX to ensure secure and reliable VoIP Connections. If you have your own analogue PABX you want to keep we can we can replace your old ISDN and copper connections with VoIP connections for major cost reductions. Interested in VoIP or a more traditional solution, we’ll make sure you have the right connections and equipment to provide a robust reliable phone system.

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